Top Estate Sale Items

Have you ever wondered what hidden gems might be under your own roof? One of the top reasons to hire a professional estate sale expert is to help you uncover those hidden gems.  Once these gems are uncovered, you need a trusted professional to price and advertise them properly to maximize your profit.  There are […]

What Is a Downsizing Sale?

Downsizing sale deal with a small wood house on the table

People often think of an estate sale as something that happens after the death of a parent or loved one close to them. In the industry, we consider this type of sale a full estate sale. A full estate sale is a necessary step when you have an entire household that needs to be sold […]

Can You Negotiate Prices at an Estate Sale?

Woman holding Sale Pending and SOLD signs

Most estate sale companies make a percentage of the total sale so it’s in their best interest to sell as much as they can. If your estate sale pricing is too high you won’t sell much and you won’t make much. If your estate sale pricing is too low you might sell everything but you […]

When Is the Best Time to Have an Estate Sale?: Winter & Here’s Why

best time for estate sales

Is winter a bad time for estate sales?  We stay busy year-round with good reason. No time is the wrong time to have the sale, but there is a time of the year when you’ll be most successful. So, when is the best time to have an estate sale? Contrary to popular belief, the coldest […]