Our Estate Sale Process

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Absolute Estate Sales Procedures & Services

Estate sale companies are not all the same. Some don’t provide the high-quality services that Absolute Estate Sales performs for customers. We do everything we can to make the process of liquidating assets as easy as possible. We take pride in providing a smooth experience throughout your estate sales process. We can help you with downsizing, appraise valuable items, sell personal property at a garage sale, organize inventory, work to get you higher prices on certain items, take good photos to increase sales, and so much more. 

Estate sellers/estate liquidators should take over most of the hard work for you, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by auctions, phone calls from buyers, handling appraisers, confusion over fees, communications with family members, or the challenges involved with distributing proceeds. We can help you make it to the end of the sale in one piece.


What to Expect Before the Sale

Absolute Estate Sales will provide the following:

  • A free, professional and personal consultation
  • A contract agreement between Absolute Estate Sales and our clients; detailing the provisions and expectations for the sale
  • Furnish tables and any additional merchandising items
  • Arrange and display all household items and furniture to best showcase your estate
  • Careful sorting of your estate items; no need to throw anything away before we arrive
  • Expertly price all items individually to obtain the highest possible fair market value
  • Carpet protection for the entire house, if requested
  • Prepare and submit all advertising information pertaining to the sale
  • Website customization for your sale which will include pictures, featured items and location
  • Colorful, distinctive signage for your area displayed in accordance with local regulations
  • Secure all areas of home
  • Obtain any necessary city permits
  • Represent you and your family in a professional and courteous manner

Professional Evaluation of Your Estate

After an evaluation of your estate, we will determine the details of the estate sale:

  • Either a two or three day sale depending on the size of the estate
  • Reserve a date on our calendar to best suit both parties, discuss contract details and finalize the agreement for the tag sale
  • Discuss and set a flat percentage rate for which Absolute Estate Sales will be paid
  • Set a date that Absolute Estate Sales will vacate the premises and make arrangements for trash
  • Make payment arrangements with specified party

What to Expect During the Sale

The Absolute Estate Sales Team Service Commitment:

  • Customers are greeted promptly by our friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Security and customer assistance provided throughout the house
  • Merchandise and home are straightened constantly to maintain a fresh appearance
  • Bids are accepted until the sale is completed
  • We accept cash, debit and credit cards for payment
  • Our staff will carefully assist customers when removing their purchases from the tag sale
  • Area signage checked hourly
  • Parking coordinated if necessary for your location
  • If selling your home, we will display information provided by your agent

What to Expect After the Sale

To complete your Absolute Estate Sale:

  • All bids will be considered
  • Any pickup arrangements will be addressed
  • All signage will be removed from the home and roadways
  • Sales supplies and tables will be removed on or before the agreed upon date
  • If you desire, arrangements can be made with a charity of your choice or we can provide one for any remaining estate items. Donations may be tax deductible.
  • When the sale is over, we will not do a buy out as we feel that is a conflict of interest.
  • Full payment will be made within 7 days from completion of the sale
  • Carpet protection will be removed, if provided
  • Keys will be returned to the clients

What We Provide

For the Homeowners/Executors

  • Our advertising includes: Emailing approximately 6,000 past customers with pictures, placing an ad in applicable local newspapers, Craigslist and colorful, distinctive signage in and around the location of the sale
  • Website customization for your sale, including pictures, featured items and location
  • Furnish tables and any additional merchandising items
  • Arrange and display all household items and furniture to best showcase the estate, each item priced individually
  • Careful sorting of estate items; no need to throw anything away before we arrive
  • Carpet protection for the entire house, if requested
  • Secure all areas of home

For the Real Estate Agent

  • We can conduct a sale while the house is on the market or after it has been sold
  • A two to three day Open House for the estate during the sale, over 2000 people attend each sale
  • Customizable listing details added to our email notifications and website, including agent contact information
  • A clean and well-staged sale environment
  • Listing flyers and/or agent contact information posted throughout the house for the duration of the sale
  • Pictures from within the property are posted on our website and linked within our email blasts
  • A successful track record for assisting in the timely sale of properties in which we conduct sales

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There is a growing demand for local estate auctions, and we are happy to help you sell your items or find a local sale. Estate sales are excellent places to find antiques, collectibles, one-of-a-kind items, and great prices on name brand merchandise. For those looking to sell, we make auctioning your unwanted belongings easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

From antiques to modern furniture, collectibles and more, find the perfect item at Absolute Estate Sales. We want to be your favorite sales resource, so you can find all the items you need at great prices. If you are tired of scrolling through social media to find the sales you need, come to Absolute Estate Sales for all different types of estate liquidations.