Estate Sale FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Absolute Estate Sales have pre-sales?

No. We believe in offering all our customers the same opportunity. We give all buyers a fair chance to participate in the estate sales process.

Does Absolute Estate Sales offer discounts at their sales?

Yes. We offer progressive discounts for the duration of the sale.

What is the fee or commission for a sale or services?

After a free consultation of your estate property we will discuss your options and offer a set commission tailored to your needs without any up-front fees. We simplify estate liquidation.

Is Absolute Estate Sales licensed and insured?

Yes. We are a fully licensed professional estate sales company. 

In what type of estate property does Absolute Estate Sales specialize?

We are able to host a sale with items ranging from vehicles, and antiques, vintage, and modern furniture, collectibles, household, fine jewelry, high-quality goods and more. Overall, we can work with a variety of estate contents, even difficult estates.

Can Absolute Estate Sales sell my home?

Yes! You can provide a realtor or we can recommend one. We will prominently display your home’s information at our desk and the sale serves as a 2-3 day open house. Our clients have experienced great success in selling their homes from this service. Your house sales information will go out to our 6,000 past customers.

What time of year do you host sales?

We conduct sales throughout the year, during winter, spring, summer and fall.

How far in advance does a client need to schedule a sale?

We would prefer as soon as possible to ensure we are able to select and save a date that best suits your closing date or schedule. Additionally, we understand if you are working within strict time limitations and will work to reach these deadlines together.

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There is a growing demand for local estate auctions, and we are happy to help you sell your items or find a local sale. Estate sales are excellent places to find antiques, collectibles, one-of-a-kind items, and great prices on name brand merchandise. For those looking to sell, we make auctioning your unwanted belongings easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

From antiques to modern furniture, collectibles and more, find the perfect item at Absolute Estate Sales. We want to be your favorite sales resource, so you can find all the items you need at great prices. If you are tired of scrolling through social media to find the sales you need, come to Absolute Estate Sales for all different types of estate liquidations.